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Paradise Village & Retreat Center  - is a private residential village nestled on 27 acres of rolling hills in Southeast, GA - located about an hour from Savannah, GA. Paradise Village serves as the model for the Affordable Housing Initiative sponsored by Amazing Grace Ministries. It is designed as a retirement community for residents age 50 and up. It also serves a retreat center for residents and club members. The Village offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of community living, as well as, enjoy recreational opportunities to maintain an active lifestyle. The Village will be comprised of five (5) tiny houses or residential cottages. The first two of three phases have been completed. Phase One included: our model tiny house, landscaping, gate and fence installation. Phase Two was recently completed and included: our six hole Par 3 Golf Course, Pond, Gazebo, and  Club House.  We ae in the planning phase for Phase Three, which will include adding  four (4) additional residential cottages and infrastructure improvements to include: interior driveways, utilities, well and septic systems. Contact us to schedule a visit and explore the possibilities.


(click below to view the floorplan and interior of our Tiny House model.)

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(Cedar Ash)

12X34 - 399 sq/ft




(click below to view the floorplan and interior of our Studio Cottage/Club House model)

14X28 - 392 sq/ft




(view our village master plan and amenities below)

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(Slate Blue)




(Martin Cream)





Housing consists of five (5) residential cottages for our residents and guests.


RV Parking/Campground


Residents and Club Members have access to RV  Parking & Campground spaces.


Gardens & Pond Areas


Residents & Club Members have access to community gardens, gazebo, and pond area.


Club House


Residents and Club Members have access to our Club House for fellowship and meetings.


Walking Trails


Residents and Club Members have access to our walking trails to help maintain an active lifestyle.


Golf Course


Residents and Club Members have access to our six (6 ) hole, Par 3 golf course and Driving Range.


This project is sponsored by Amazing Grace Ministries as a part our Affordable Housing Initiative, which is designed to develop affordable and sustainable communities across the Southeastern U.S. Our 12X34 (399 sq/ft) - Tiny House/Front Porch Model can be constructed @  roughly $32,000 and our 14x28 (392 sq/ft)- Studio Cottage/Club House Model can be constructed @ roughly $28,000. Your support helps to make this project possible. Below to will see our partnership and club member opportunities that allow you to assist us in completing this project and future projects across the Southeastern U.S.

Affordable Housing Initiative Partnership

(partners receive access to all village amenities and priority for housing availability.)

... 32 people @ $1000.00.

... 64people @ $500.00.

... 128 people. @ $240.00.

... 256 people @ $120.00.

Club Membership

(club members receive access to village amenities and priority for housing availability.)

@ $10.00 a month.

Send Partnership Offering

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Helping Hands


Model House - "Serenity"
Model House - "Serenity"
Model House 2
Model House 2
Model House 3
Model House 3



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