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The Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies administers "The Private Detective & Security Agencies Act" to safeguard the citizens of this state by regulation of private detective and security businesses in the State of GA. Unarmed security guards are not required to be registered with the Georgia Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies; however, unarmed security guards must be trained according to the Board standards and are governed by the Board as mandated in OCGA 43-38-7.1. An application must be submitted by the licensee (employer) on behalf of any employee hired to work as an armed security guard, even if the employee has an active registration with another employer. No employee may use an existing registration to work for a company, other than the company that is indicated on the registration. 


Armed security officer registration is only valid when the employee is performing armed security duties for the employer listed on the registration. The employee must also physically carry the registration at all times while on duty, at the place of employment, or any time that the employee is in uniform, or in route directly to and from the post or place of employment (Board Rule 509-4-.01).


Registered employees must also complete 8 hours of continuing education annually. You must have completed this training in order to legally work either armed or unarmed security in the State of Georgia and you must be employed by a licensed security company. 

State of Georgia Board Rules
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Our in-house training programs are designed to not only train and equip you to work as an unarmed or armed security officer; but it also provides you the opportunity to work with us as a Franchise Manager, which allows you to secure and manage your own accounts anywhere within the State of Georgia.
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Certified Security Officer
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Certified Security Supervisor
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Certified Security Manager


GSC offers security training programs which are designed to train and equip security professionals who interested in joining our team as an Unarmed/Armed Security Officer and/or as a Account/Franchise Manager. These training programs will qualify you to work anywhere within the State of Georgia. We also provide security awareness and risk management training for businesses and organizations to help ensure the safety and security of  students, employees, customers and staff  members in the case of emergencies.

  • GA - Basic Unarmed Security Officer  - $125.00

  • GA - Armed Security Officer - $350.00
  • Certified Security Officer - $25.00*
  • Certified Security Supervisor - $50.00*
  • Certified Security Manager - $75.00*

  • Workplace Security Awareness - $50.00

  • Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools - $50.00

  • Fundamentals of Risk Management - $50.00

* requires prerequisite training.


  • How To Start A Security Company (E-Book) - $15.00

  • How To Get Clients For Your Security Agency (E-Book) - $15.00

  • Selling Security Services (E-Book) - $10.00

  • Workplace Security Awareness  - (E-Book) - $10.00

  • Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools (E-Book) - $10.00

  • Fundamentals of Risk Management (E-Book) - $10.00

  • Certified Security Manager Training Manual (E-Book) - $25.00


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(1) Role of Private Security

    (a) Crime Awareness and Prevention

    (b) Private Security and the Criminal Justice System

    (c) Ethics and Professionalism

(2) Legal Aspects

    (a) Principal Misdemeanors and Felonies

    (b) Overview of Title 43-38 et al Security Profession

    (c) Overview of Board Rules 509 et al

    (d) Arrest and Proper Use of Force

    (e) Liability

    (f) Courtroom testimony

(3) Patrol and Observation

    (a) Patrol Techniques

    (b) Information Gathering

    (c) Crimes in Progress

    (d) Officer Safety

    (e) Note taking and Report Writing

(4) Incident Response

    (a) Responding to Emergencies

    (b) Crowd control and evacuation

    (c) Fire Control and Prevention

    (d) Hazardous Materials

    (e) Bomb Threats and Terrorism

(5) Security Resources

    (a) CCTV Operation and Video Documentation

    (b) Alarm systems

    (c) Access Control

    (d) Electronic Article Surveillance

(6) Customer Service Issues

    (a) Public Relations

    (b) Interpersonal Communications

(7) First Aid Overview



Armed Officers are required to complete an additional 15 hour state mandated Armed Security (GA Blue Card) classroom/firearm training course. Contact us for a listing of recommended training academies where you can complete the required certification training, which will then allow you to be registered with our company as an Armed Security Officer.