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Grace Security Consultants offers unique opportunities for high quality security professionals and aspiring security professionals in the State of Georgia to secure and manage their own accounts. Franchise Managers earn $18.00 to $20.00 an/hour for all accounts that you secure and manage. This is a great opportunity for high quality security professionals who meet our gold standard to generate their own income and have more control over their financial future. We also have opportunities for those who may be interested in earning passive and/or residual income as a Sales Consultant and earn an ongoing 10% commission for the lifetime of all accounts that you secure.


As a Franchise Manager, you can either work the accounts yourself or have a team of other security professionals work the accounts for you. It's a win, win, win situation for you, your team, and your clients; and you will also creating multiple streams of income for yourself. 


Contact us if you are a licensed security owner, if you would like to partner with us for subcontract opportunities. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.


  • In-House Basic Security Officer Training

  • Certified Security Officer Training

  • Certified Security Supervisor Training

  • Certified Security Manager Training

  • Business Cards

  • Uniform Shirt Badges/Patches

  • How to Get Security Clients Manual

  • Selling Security Services Manual

  • Licensing

  • Leads/Referrals

  • Payroll Assistance

  • Ongoing Support

  • Armed Security Training (at additional costs)

*Armed Security - all Franchise Managers and officers must have a valid GA Blue Card or be able to complete all state required armed training. for consideration. All candidates must meet the minimum standards established by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies.


click here for board rules







The normal process to start a licensed security company in Georgia requires the applicant to have at least 2 years of supervisory experience or law enforcement experience. If you qualify, you would submit a $100.00 application fee and a $500.00 licensing fee. If approved you would then pay $125.00 to take a written exam. Once you pass the written exam you would have to obtain either a $25,000.00 surety bond which costs about $250.00 a year and/or general liability insurance which costs $3800.00 to $6,000.00 a year and then you will need to renew your license every two years at $500.00. So, the normal costs to get started would be about $4300.00; not including uniforms and equipment. The problem is some people do not qualify for and/or cannot afford the licensing process to get started and that's we come in. See our process below.



Our Franchise Manager program provides an opportunity for you to operate as a GSC Franchise Manager in Designated Metro Areas that are not currently being served for the one-time low cost of $275.00. This includes unarmed security officer training and certification as Certified Security Officer, Certified Security Supervisor and Certified Security Manager, 100 business cards, and a company polo shirt to help you get started. We also provide you with business leads and referrals in your Designated Metro Area, as well as, resources that will teach you on how to operate a security business and how to get clients for your franchise. Then, once you identify a client that you would like to try to secure, you can initiate communications with them and negotiate your contract terms as a GSC Franchise Manager. Our management team and Independent Franchise Group is available to assist and offer you ongoing support as you manage and grow your franchise and to answer any questions that you may have in the process of securing your accounts, as well as, provide all of the legal and insurance documents that your clients may require. Once you secure a contract we would handle all of your account receivables and distribute your funds upon receipt of your client payments. We are committed to your success because your success is our success. If you are ready to get started and meet our gold standard of "quality", "integrity" and "dependability"; then we have a place for you on TEAM GSC.  Read the rest of this page and the attachments, as well as, the "Frequently Asked Questions" to get a better idea of the process and business opportunity and once you feel comfortable with the information you can complete the "Steps To Get Started" listed below and someone from our office will contact you. Feel free to contact us by email if you should have any questions before submitting your application and we will be more than happy to answer your questions for you. 


Each Franchise Manager is assigned to one of our 17 Designated Metro Areas which includes a 30-mile radius of their Designated Metro Area within the State of Georgia.

  • Albany*

  • Athens 

  • Atlanta

  • Augusta*

  • Bainbridge*

  • Brunswick*

  • Carrollton*

  • Columbus*

  • Dalton*

  • Dublin*

  • Gainesville

  • LaGrange*

  • Macon*

  • Rome*

  • Savannah*

  • Statesboro*

  • Valdosta*

*denotes available franchise opportunities


  • Franchise Managers - receive 90% of all accounts that they secure and manage within their Designated Metro Area and 85% of accounts that we refer to them.

  • Licensed Private Security Company Partners - receive $17.00 an hour for GA Certified Unarmed Officers and $20.00 an hour for GA Blue Card Certified Armed Officers.


  • Must be at least 35 years of age.

  • Must have at least 5 years of security, law enforcement or, combat military experience.

  • Must have a valid GA Drivers License.

  • Must be clean shaven and professional in appearance.

  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check.

  • Must complete all state-mandated training.


  • (Q) How much does it costs to get started? (A) The costs is $275.00 for unarmed franchisees and $525.00 for armed franchisees. This includes Basic Unarmed Security Officer training, Certified Security Manager training, 100 business cards, a company polo shirt and business manuals. Military Veterans with an honorable discharge receive a $100.00 discount with a copy of their DD Form 214.

  • (Q) Do I need to have a bank account in order to collect payments? (A) No, all payments are processed through our corporate office. Once we receive a payment from your clients, we send your distribution to you via PayPal, which can then be transferred to your bank account or you can access your pay immediately using their free debit card.

  • (Q) What fees do I need to pay once I get started? (A) GSC receives 10% of all accounts that you secure and manage and/or 15% of accounts that are referred to you, plus $6.00 a week for general liability insurance on active accounts that you secure.

  • (Q) Can I offer armed security through my franchise? (A) Yes, if you and your officers qualify for an Armed License (GA Blue Card) issued by the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies. We have armed training programs available for those who qualify to be licensed. All officers working your accounts must have a training certificate, drivers license and annual criminal background check from a local police department on file You are responsible for the costs of all training, and registration fees. click here to visit their web site.

  • (Q) What type of accounts can I work? (A) See services page. All accounts must be approved by management.

  • (Q) Do I have to complete security training in order to manage a franchise? (A) Yes, we provide the Basic Security Officer Training Course as a part of our Certified Security Manager Training program, because it is important for our franchise managers to be familiar with the duties of security officers. All officers working your accounts must have training certificates and background checks on file in order to service accounts.

  • (Q) Will I be an employee of Grace Security Consultants. (A) No, you will be working as an Independent Contractor.

  • (Q) How do I report my taxes? (A) All franchisees are 1099 Independent Contractors and are responsible for reporting their income earned. You will either receive a 1099 from us for payments received at the end of each year.

  • (Q) Do I need to purchase my own uniforms and equipment? (A) Yes, as an independent contractor you are responsible for the costs of all equipment and uniforms required to service your accounts. We have standard uniforms that we use, but you can choose whatever type of uniform that meets your client's needs. We can provide training, uniform and equipment financing for the right candidates.

  • (Q) Can I service accounts outside the State of Georgia? (A) No, all accounts serviced must be within the State of Georgia and you must live within 30 miles of the accounts that your franchise services. You can earn a 10% commission on accounts that you refer to us outside of your assigned area.

  • (Q) How much can I expect to earn? (A) Our franchisee can earn anywhere from $18.00 - $25.00 an hour, depending on the type of service offered and the contract rate that you negotiate with your clients. click here or below to see our Franchise Business Model.


  1. Complete an online application. See Link below.

  2. Submit a copy of DD 214, if any.

  3. Submit a recent copy of criminal background check from local PD.

  4. Submit a copy of drivers license.

  5. Submit copies of training certificates, if any.

  6. Review Franchise Manager Agreement.

  7. Schedule a phone interview.

  8. Submit signed Franchise Manager Agreement.

  9. Submit Franchise Manager Training Fee - $275.00.

  10. Complete Certified Security Manager Training Program.

  11. Complete Armed Security Training (Armed Security) - $250.00 to $350.00*

  12. Complete Electronic Fingerprinting (Armed Security) - $50.00*

  13. Submit State Registration Application - (Armed Security) - $70.00*

*Applies to candidates who are providing Armed Security. Must renew and re-qualify every 2 years.

ONLINE APPLICATION:                                                                                                         










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